November 11, 2019

當遇見美好的邀請,合作, 係愛! 多謝朋友, 客人對我們婚紗& 婚禮攝影錄影大力支持,會展 11 月 <Wedding Expo 婚展> Jason Pang Gallery Pre Wedding & Wedding 反應非常踴躍 ! 有朋友特別叫新人一定要找我地而来! 好感動!

是很累的!但能够遇到不同新人而幫得到大家, 有很满足的感受!

分享一下當天 moments 😊

P.S. 現在很多PM查詢, 一定用心回, 請耐心等耐❤️!

Thank you for your support to our wedding expo...

October 1, 2019

<Wow, Latest NEWS! Bride Sweet Wedding X Jason Pang Gallery have joined forces! On November 1-3, 2019, Jason Pang Gallery will appear in the HK Wedding Expo Exhibition showing the highest quality wedding gowns and wedding photography packages, with limited time Promo D...

September 15, 2019

There's a saying that 'Like Minded People attracts Like Minded'...

With our love for ART and PHOTOGRAPHY, we are so happy to be invited by TASCHEN, one of the world's top bookstore in Artistic and Lifestyle Books Publisher and Book Store, to be their first Photographer...

June 6, 2019






May 27, 2019


剛剛見到Coffee Lam☕️嘅IG post 左我之前為佢拍嘅廣告相。期待個廣告正式出街嘅時候可以正式咁post出嚟比大家睇🤗🤗🤗