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About Jason and Team



Jason's team Create Your STAR Quality
Custom Made Photography & Videography Image.

Client refers to Jason as the TOP photographer with heart. 

Come discover your image that you will be PROUD OF. 

- Jason and his team is used to working with Celebrities, Top Artist, KOL, Top Management, Top PR Agencies, Top Event Organizers and Top Wedding Planners in Hong Kong and Asia. This is because Jason's team provides what Top Teams are looking for - Quality, Efficiency, Excellent Branding and an Unforgettable, Enjoyable Experience. 


-  Jason is an Award Winning Photographer, a Public Speaker,

-  Jason is the Spokesperson of photography device company "Innoplay", 

 - Jason is a Lecturer of Diploma courses in Photography. 


-  Jason is recognized as one of Top Photographers in the industry. You can find a lot of testimonials in the "Testimonials" section in this website, in his well followed Facebook, Instagram @JasonPangGallery, LinkedIn @Jason Pang and Interviews by Publications.  


Featured and Interviewed 

by Top Speaker Brian Cha

Jason Pang Interview Video 

How to be a top photographer and keep improving...

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The Vision

Jason Pang Gallery

"Discover Your Moment"


We provide STAR Quality Imaging Photography & Videography services. 

When you look back after 10 years, 20 years or 30 years later,

you can still remember the smiles, the anticipations, the love, the care and the feelings in that day

And because we value your memories, just like mine

Therefore, we use the most suitable style, the best equipment, the most sincere attitude, and the most heartfelt service to create your own, your unique story. 😊😉

Not only ‘Capture The Moment’, but 'Discover Your Moment' 

Our biggest joy is seeing your STAR Qualities being REVEALED. 


With Heart | Stylish | Fine Art 


Meet Award Winning Photographer

Jason Pang


了解  得獎攝影師 Jason Pang

Words from Jason

Not only ‘Capture The Moment’, but ‘Discover Your Moment’   

Hi, Nice to meet you! I am Jason, photographer based in Hong Kong and founder of Jason Pang Gallery. Myself and our team provide Pre Wedding, Wedding, Family, Branding and Advertising Photography Videography services with heart and passion! 

Being the spokesperson of a well known photography brand device, the lecturer of a Diploma course teaching photography class, and occasionally lectures, workshops guest speaker, people describe me as ‘serving with heart’, passionate, talented, attentive and welcoming, able to create eye-catching and elegant photos. Thanks for all your support!

In my spare time, I also provided free photography services to disadvantaged people, communities and churches in the community to spread love. We provide free, tailor made professional family photos for families living in cage houses, enabling underprivileged families to capture warm moments in their lives.



My Background

Having many years of serving commercial bank’s high end clients, being a karate black belt, coach, referee, martial arts director, amateur columnist (Teddy Boy column "Master Arrived") and actor, all these experiences enabled me to understand and connect with clients of a diverse background, to create high quality, unique photography and videography bringing out their unique moments.

As there is a saying 'Change is the only thing that is constant', we live our lives so busily every day, yet forgetful of many important moments. Therefore, I always think of photos as my 'external hard disk storage'! No matter how people and things change, when you look back at the photos and videos of that day, the bits and pieces of life, the people, the emotions and feelings can be recalled in your heart again.
Therefore, I always look forward to every one of you, my client, coming with a smile, walking away with satisfaction, and happily contacting me again.

Jason Pang Gallery


As one of the speakers at an Opening Ceremony!

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Behind the scenes stories and team work

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Featured and Interviewed

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Meet Award Winning Photographer

Jason Pang

Jason and team provides customized pre-wedding, wedding, family, commercial, portrait photography and video service, mission is to spread love via servicing.


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Award Winning Photographer

​多謝大家!Thank you for your support!


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