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An opening ceremony is a grand occasion where companies or organizations showcase their new businesses, buildings, products, or projects. The purpose is to introduce the event, provide background information about the company, its scale, objectives, and significance, and create a formal and festive atmosphere to attract and inspire participants' involvement and support. Photography, as an essential tool for documentation and recording, plays a vital role in capturing these moments.

Jason Pang Gallery, with its team of professional photographers in Hong Kong, has extensive experience in event photography beyond weddings. Their photos have received consistent acclaim. Their event photography services cover various corporate events, including press conferences, annual dinners, opening ceremonies, and more. For inquiries, you can directly contact Jason for more information.

Jason Pang Gallery specializes in capturing people, scenes, and emotional atmospheres. With their unique style and techniques, they present every exciting moment of an opening ceremony, allowing those who were not physically present to feel the enthusiasm and support of the audience. They create a visually impactful experience, regardless of the scale of the event.

If your company is looking for an excellent event photography company to cover your press conferences, Jason Pang Gallery welcomes your application for event photography and videography services.

Opening Ceremony for Companies

Photography and videography for company opening ceremonies encompass guest speeches, opening rituals, product and service presentations, and more. Our photographers and videographers capture important moments, remarkable scenes, and key individuals through photos and videos to showcase the company's image and value. These works can be used on the company's website, social media platforms, and promotional materials to enhance brand awareness and image.


Photography and videography for institutional opening ceremonies aim to promote and publicize their services and activities. Photographers and videographers capture significant moments, special guests, and event highlights to create promotional videos, posters, brochures, and more. These works can be shared on social media, television, newspapers, and other media platforms to attract public attention and support.

Infrastructure Projects

Photography and videography for infrastructure project opening ceremonies mainly document and showcase the achievements and value of the projects. Photographers and videographers capture important moments, construction results, and the opening process through photos and videos to produce short films and promotional materials. These works can be showcased in the media to demonstrate the importance and impact of infrastructure projects.


Photography and videography for school opening ceremonies focus on capturing photos and videos of students and faculty members during the ceremony. Photographers and videographers capture important moments and special activities to showcase the school's atmosphere and spirit. These works can be used on the school's website, social media platforms, and promotional brochures to highlight the academic and cultural characteristics of the school.

Hong Kong Event Photography - Opening Ceremony

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