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Testimonials from Brides & Grooms

A lot of Testimonials from Real Brides & Grooms :)

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Selected Service Review / Wedding Photography & Videography, by Ben Choi from Bespoke Wedding

My wife is an artist. That is why she has high standards for everything related to her craft. It all started when she saw Jason’s works on Facebook. She checked his portfolio and came up with her conclusion that the style of the photos he and his team shoots suits our expectations. We met him the day before our celebration to discuss the flow for the pre wedding and wedding photoshoot. He gave us a few pieces of advice on how to perform so the photos and videos will have the best results. We agreed upon the locations for shooting pre wedding, and it appeared to be the perfect choice we made all together.  😋😋

It was an unforgettable moment when at night they showed us the same day edited video they filmed in the morning. It was so touching! We saw the photos taken by other photographers at the wedding expo. Yep, they looked pretty much the same. However, Jason's shoots are still very special and most special to us, compared to other photography companies.


Wedding is the special day we have once upon a lifetime. That is why we do not want our photos to be pretty much the same as other couples, we want our story! Therefore the expertise of Jason's photography and videography skills deserves the highest praise. We had no experience in photo shooting. However, thanks to their recommendations and well-coordinated work, we have managed to do everything right! 😀😀


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  5 Stars Rating    By  Iu Ka   

Selected Service Review / Wedding Photography, from Bespoke Wedding

I'm very glad we have hired Jason’s team to shoot the pre-wedding picture for us.  I'm not too fond of the photos that look pretentious. That is why we want our pre wedding photo shooting to be done in a natural style.

When I saw Jason's works for the first time on Facebook, I decided to hire his team as my photographer.

One the day of the shooting, I fully relied on Jason and this team. That day was pretty hot. My husband and I were sweaty, as well as Jason's team! However, they worked as true professionals despite the weather and the circumstances. They were fully engaged in searching for the right light, arranging our poses, and shooting beautiful photos!

I was so glad to get our pre wedding photos. They did not look pretentious but tender, loving and natural as I wished. Our faces and the scenery in these photos blended perfectly well together. This is what I dreamt of!

Thank you, Jason, for providing my husband and me with such pleasant memories. I'm going to hire Jason’s team for our future family shootings as I believe that his photos can perfectly convey our family's warmness and harmony! From Janice

4⭐⭐⭐⭐ + 0.5⭐  4.5 Stars Rating   

Selected Service Review / Wedding Photography, by Samantha Kwan from Bespoke Wedding

I found the page of Jason Pang Gallery and compared his shooting style with other studios. It was clear to me that Jason has a big heart❤️

On top of that, we are Christians and want to have a Christian photographer to shoot for us 😌.

We had a small talk over dinner prior to our photo shooting. As soon as he learned our story, he started looking for inspirations.

I'm a professional painter. That is why I decided to send some of my art works to Jason before the day of the shooting and Jason turned my art work into a real photo! Wish a real scene 😍.

Since we lacked experience in photo shooting, he did his best to provide us with the right recommendations on posing too. However, as it was our first shooting, we did not think out clothing and our images beforehand. If we had discussed it beforehand, it would even help us more 😎

Jason has a good sense of humor. He is also good at creating an atmosphere that helps to relax and feel the right vibe. We were very cheerful. He even showed us how to pose 😂!

The locations for shooting have been chosen based on our personalities. He filmed us in the background of the night view of Hong Kong, the City View, the Nature and other charming places. The results we get were amazing👏🏼The shooting equipment Jason's team used was of a grade-A quality. They took pictures of us from different perspectives.

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  5 Stars Rating    By  akumajay7901   

Selected Service Review / Wedding Photography, from Bespoke Wedding

We had been searching for wedding photography services online and looking through dozens of different works, but none of them appeared suitable to us neither by style nor by price.

We found Jason Pang Gallery online and left our contacts. In a short time, Jason gave us a call. We had a conversation and came up with a decision that he is an experienced professional photographer. The offered price also suited us. Thus, we decided to hire his team 😉. When we just started our preparation with Jasons' team, we have already seen their professionalism and nice attitude😌. We arranged a meeting with Jason before my Big Day to discuss some shooting moments and other essential details. He provided me with dozens of recommendations and tips like to keep smiling while shooting, go to bed earlier prior to the celebration day, and stay in good condition💪🏽.

On my Big Day, Jason's team was highly initiative and did everything at their best. When they arrived, they had a good understanding of how to put the cameras, which angles worked better, and how to adjust everything. Since we arranged a photo session in my home's garden, they thought through all the details and tailor-made the shooting to meet our needs in our garden! On top of that, Jason has great leadership and managing qualities. He directed us on how to pose and relax during the shooting process😆. Jason's team's well-coordinated work helped me feel less worried as there are many other things to manage and estimate on a marriage day. This is the best part that I like!


That is why we were delighted with the photos and videos we received! 😍😍 I am glad that we have chosen them and we are right about what we think about them - that Jason’s team have solid photo shooting skills of different styles, angles and light. The whole composition was beautiful, as well. And one more thing I'd like to point out is that they're responsive and always willing to communicate. Whether it is before the Big Day or after the wedding photo shoot, they are ready to listen and provide valuable recommendations. They edited a few photos of my wedding celebration day on the same day in order for us to publish them on social media platforms and perhaps for their use. They behaved quite polite by asking us whether they can publish these photos. They are very good overall! 👏🏻

What is more, I suppose they are greatly experienced in what they do and have a good network as they are already partnering with different related industries and offer us a wide range of services, referring other vendors to us such as connecting us with a wedding MC and a floristic company that made a bridal bouquet for me. To sum up, I can say that we are satisfied with everything!


 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  5 Stars Rating    By  acorn green

Selected Service Review / Wedding Photography, from Bespoke Wedding

Jason is my girlfriend's photographer and we booked him a year ago. I like Jason because I have seen his works. I have compared several different photographers and felt that his color is the most beautiful, and his form and feeling are not so rigid. Instead, he can capture the most natural moment of the newcomer. 👍🏼 Originally, I wanted to help me with the big day photo, but because of the epidemic, I pushed and pushed, and after I changed it, I changed it to Pre Wedding. 🤓

Jason took the initiative to communicate with us on WhatsApp all the way, and he would give a lot of opinions on the process and arrangement, such as about sampling, going to the edge and so on. My girlfriend prefers the Lions club scene, so the first designated location is the Lions Club, and the second is the Medical Museum suggested by Jason.

😂 I don't know if it's a good deal or not. We originally planned to film on October 13th, but I knew it hit the sun and the wind was blowing... 💩Jason has been keeping an eye on the weather, seeing that the film on the 13th will definitely not be there, and Hearing that he had a date on the 12th, he immediately asked me if I could get it, so my girlfriend and I both immediately asked for leave and decided that the film on the 12th should not be delayed. 🤭 But we were actually worried that the weather would be bad on the 12th, so Jason made adjustments on the program. Generally speaking, Jason set off for the location at 11:00 first, and he specially came to help us to start makeup at 7:00 and go out to film, and after 4:00, he would hang up the No. 8 typhoon! 😌 It's all a mistake, because many people think that there will be wind, so there are basically no people in the street, it seems that every scene is all for us to bask in.

Jason Qu is really helpful, he even helped me to think through the arrangement and process of the wind, and I basically don't need to worry about anything. 😁 In addition to Jason, there are makeup artists, drivers, assistants, etc., but you all know that when it comes to playing and changing shirts, the driver is really troubled, and the whole team is good help. 😙Jason knows that we will have a big day in January next year, and promises that we will try our best to be more intimidated than the first round of photos in November, when I can start preparing oil painting albums and so on. They are so beautiful that we can't help but want to post on Instagram right now! 🤣


 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  5 Stars Rating    By  L

Selected Service Review / Wedding Photography, from Bespoke Wedding

When I first asked the photographer, I didn't decide whether to settle for half a day or a full day, so I thought about how much. I have been in contact with several photographers/companies, and I found that most photography companies have several photographers and then randomly assign one of them to compare you. But if it is Jason Pang Gallery, I can know that Jason helped me to film. I have seen that the quality of his works is good, the composition and line angles are very comfortable, and the price is affordable.

In addition to introducing the works and talking about the photography style, he will also talk about people who have no experience with lenses. The rundown will also make suggestions according to my hotel, one can make more shadows and one less shadow, and make corresponding adjustments. He used his professionalism to persuade me.

There was 1p1v on the day of the shooting, and I thought that I might only focus on hard photos, but Xie Qu even took into account the snapshots well. Jason and the videographer Johnny control the process, as the guide to live with my big sister, my brothers and sisters will also brief the elders for a while.

There is a small episode that makes me think Jason's ability to respond is very high. It was a communication problem. My driver was delayed for a while. And Jason immediately took the time to take pictures, using different angles and using the next light and so on, the effect is really good!


 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  5 Stars Rating    By  jojotang  

Selected Service Review / Wedding Photography, from Bespoke Wedding

At first, we compared it with other companies, and found that it has a lot of demand from us in terms of price and style. It's natural to be related to the burial, and you won't get something that looks like a good old cake or a traditional wedding dress. 😝 And in the process of contacting them at the beginning, I didn't feel any pushy bits. I just introduced the package in detail, so I can rest assured. After going to the meeting using zoom, Jason will share his opinion on the rundown comparison before me and bury the request for a while, and hope that I will stay more time than his photo. 😉

On the day of the wedding, Jason's team got along very well with us, everyone was chatting and laughing. Besides, they are really conscientious. I split up two games a day, and the time is really in a hurry. One catches the other, so I'm so sorry. When the shirts were changed and ready, they had already come forward to stand by and wait for me, ready to help me take pictures at any time! 😮

After the two wedding banquets, Jason and I were reluctant to leave when we returned to the hotel room for a photo. Zhong Yao's photo came out like a magazine cover. The channel is really sincere, so my husband and I are very satisfied with her~😎Jason Zhongzhuan's executive part is compared to our thirst and thirst~

The last bit of attention is that because of the epidemic, I rescheduled and they did not charge extra money. I told me that as long as there was a period, I would definitely stay with me. I really understand the newlyweds who are engaged in weddings during the epidemic. 😇


 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  5 Stars Rating    By  helialhl   

Selected Service Review / Wedding Photography, from Bespoke Wedding

After other newcomers introduced Jason Pang, I have seen many people's comments on Jason Pang, and I feel that his works are in line with my requirements. After discussing with the husband, I decided to ask him to go. The cafe sits low and leans down. ☕Guozhen has a good first impression of him. Jason is very polite, sincere and professional. She is very willing to listen to my request, and then I recommend suitable services first. There is no hard sell at all, and the whole process is very comfortable and smooth. 👍🏼Before the big day, they came out for a meeting because of the epidemic, so in the end, a meeting was held on zoom, and the rehearsal was included in the process at one time (compared to rundown Jason beforehand). It can be seen that they all follow and are responsible. ☺️

So, I followed the same routine on Big Day. I went out in the morning and had a dinner party in the evening. Jason and Timothy went to the bridal room early in the morning to set up and help me take pictures when there was still time. The photo of the bride and the bride❣️They are all very happy when they become a crew (2p1v). I was thinking about going to Nanchang Park to film outside, but I didn't remember it was a red sun for a while. There were road closures that day, so it was a little troublesome. 😪 I was so tangled that I should continue to go to the hotel and return to the hotel, and Jason suggested to return to the hotel at any time. If the hotel can take a good picture, the speed is very fast, and I can see that I have a lot of experience. After that, it was all very good, and I listened to his opinion. In the end, I got the time to add to the shadow of the nearby grass and the throwing of the flower ball. 😆

I also went to the dinner party, because they all had to leave at 10 o'clock according to the government regulations. There were not many guests, and the time was very tight, but their time management was really well controlled, and the film could be finished on time at 10 o'clock. All the relatives must be related to each other. 😬 They are very warm because they know that newcomers are anxious to see photos, and they will be much earlier than the scheduled return period than I will live in one batch, and I can wait until I can quench my thirst. 🤪 With a heart team, their appearance is naturally not the best. At first, I was afraid that there would be no sunlight in the room, but they adjusted it well, used the light to make good use of it, and captured a lot of touching moments at the same time, and it would never be a single angle. I really like the results of the hotel room shadows!


 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  5 Stars Rating    By  Ray_tal  

Selected Service Review / Wedding Photography, from Bespoke Wedding

When I was preparing for the wedding, I did research online and saw a ranking list about wedding photography. At that time, I saw Jason's ranking was very high, and other people's comments were very positive, so I asked Jason out to meet. 🤩I don't know if other people know, it turns out that Jason used to be the third-ranked karate person in Hong Kong, and I found out about it when I was doing research by accident. 😳No wonder Jason is solid and powerful. As you all know, it is very heavy to hold the equipment all the way. If it is big, there is no problem. The equipment will be ordered a lot 💪🏻

Let’s get back to the topic first, I like him because I think his looks are closer to European and American styles, and my own package includes 1 male and 1 female wedding dresses, makeup, etc. Later, I added an extra sweater, car rental, etc. Buried men's makeup. In terms of wedding dresses, the styles of both men and women are of high quality and there are many choices, and there is no grading, so choose the style you like. Another plus point about the shirt is that they will help you to make a personal transformation. My sister is not a style that everyone likes, so the upper body will fit well. 😏

Jason will also help me with the itinerary, because my wife and I are knowledgeable about outdoor hiking, so we want to go to Shek O and Hok Tsui, which are more close to nature depending on the type. 🌳Jason said that the distance to Hezui is far away, and it would be very hard to go up with heavy equipment and a wedding dress, so in the end I listened to his advice and did not go to Hezui. It's been a while since I was filming, and I'm really scarier than Jason. I'm super professional. In my impression, he has 2 big cameras, 8-9 lenses, and 2 headlights. However, the assistants are all tall and can help with the equipment! 😵 咁 Jason will teach us how to pose, and he will teach us how to pose. The angle and light he grasped are all very skillful and very good. Except for Jason Zuo, the makeup artists are all very helpful. They follow us all the way to touch up makeup and Yinhan, 🤓 Zhong will help fing the skirt, take care of us, and change the makeup well! Many of them can be compared to full marks, I myself thought that their prices could be adjusted a little bit, and adding some pictures would be the full marks out of the full marks~

I added that some incidents happened in the middle, which made me think that Jason is not only good at photography, but also has a very fast RPM. Because Hong Kong is really hot, my wife had a little heatstroke in half of the filming. Jason immediately suggested moving to Stanley Filming when he saw that he was on the right track. If you are in a hurry to change places temporarily, the time must be in a hurry, because it is difficult to get a good picture when the sun goes down. 🤭 So as soon as I arrived at the channel, I immediately helped us. It was so fast that it kept shadowing and shadowing. It was really professional. 😬

After my wife finished the film, she was looking forward to the filming, and when I talked to me, I thought that Jason and the others would appear sooner or later. Even though I have talked to him, it really takes time to be beautiful and meticulous. Jason wants to have the best relationship than us, so he is not in a hurry. 🤔Actually, I think that no matter the filming process or the final decision, whether it is male or female, you should face it with an optimistic attitude, and you should be happy before everything is done. I really want to go to the left for the current film and photography department. I went with fans, towels, and wild food that day. The preparation process of the net department is very happy! So everyone should keep a good mood to complete one thing!


 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  5 Stars Rating    By  wingpang910  

Selected Service Review / Wedding Photography, from Bespoke Wedding

In fact, before Jason, my husband and I had already arranged for another company to film a pre-wedding. I thought that if the effect was ok, it would be a big day. But it was because the result was not as ideal, and it was different from my perception, and the shop owner who helped us get a gift in return strongly recommended Jason to be a bigger day than me. 😎I felt that since I didn't have to go overseas to film wedding dresses, and my previous appearance was not very good, I decided to join and bury the pre-wedding once. In fact, the previous company is not really bad, just because there is no comparison, it will not hurt. 🙈Jason's feeling is really a lot of professional, and he clearly feels that he has high requirements for himself and even his assistants, and the purpose is only to film a series of newcomers who are satisfied with himself. 🤩Jason will show a few photos every time I take a look at it. When we can make appropriate adjustments, we also know that something is going on in Yijia, so I have a lot of confidence. Jason will guide us to pose, and the previous company just kept making us laugh happily. I remember that it was winter, I was so cold and not a professional model, so I had no direction. I was really helpless. 😖


Click to explain my conversation Jason is very professional, in addition to the left and the same person who will take a lot of photos from different angles, Zhong has the equipment provided by him. In the past, the company only used the reflectors for me, but the Jason department has a bunch of headlights and piles of equipment. It really stands out. 😬Jason is very good at capturing light and darkness and angles. Many pictures do not need P, and the original taste is so beautiful that you can post online immediately. 💖In addition, Jason's services are very considerate and follow up well. I sometimes send each other to ask him how the wedding dress will look more beautiful, and he will give me more opinions than me, and I follow it well. I thought again that the company would send a colleague to follow up on my case from the beginning. Although I asked him all the answers, it felt like a sense of distance. 🤔I am not very familiar with places in Hong Kong, and I don't know which places are good, especially Hong Kong Island. My name is Jason, and after I watched the rundown, I felt that I was satisfied with the location and time arrangement, so I just ok! 😆


I have told Jason before that because my filming department is on vacation and I have to go back to work the next day, so I have to go back to the house until 9:00 or 10:00 at most, and both rundowns can meet my requirements, okay Careful and considerate 👍🏼 No matter in terms of photography, equipment, attitude or service, Jason and his colleagues are all good at taking care of customers.


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