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"Honestly never thought that I can look so good... in front of camera. Thanks Jason!" - Professor Li

"Jason can turn someone from ordinary ... to extraordinary." - Brian Cha, (World class Speaker & Asia No. 1)

"Today I experienced a very high quality photo shoot! Jason's team is very professional and attentive,

Jason helped me improve my self confidence and unleash my potential, I finally got my natural and smart looking photos!"

- Doctor Teresa Cheung


- Wow! Professional Portrait Photo Surprise Package: from HK$ 1,888 without make up styling and 2,388 with make up styling, only! PM us now to check availability for your Professional Photo Artistic Photo Shoot!  

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Portrait Photography Styles


STAR Branding. Image with Style. 

Artistic Portrait

廣告形象 品牌藝術攝影




Professional Studio Portrait


個人形象攝影 有你的性格 獨特形象





Simple Nature

簡約   大自然



Historic Architecture

歷史    建築




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Meet Award Winning Photographer

Jason Pang

Jason and team provides customized pre-wedding, wedding, family, commercial, portrait photography and video service, mission is to spread love via servicing.


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Award Winning Photographer

​多謝大家!Thank you for your support!


How is your Photo representing YOUR IMAGE? Your professional portrait represents your Personal Brand, it is much more than a photo! Award Winning Photographer and his team Jason Pang Gallery has years of experiences creating professional portrait photography for you! Considering your purpose, the industry you work in, your personality and style!


Who wants their portrait to look like a standard headshot photo? If you want more than that, then you are in the right place. As one of the top Hong Kong portrait photographers in Hong Kong, we are very certain that our experience and methodology can help you bring out your BEST IMAGE very soon! How? Read on:

Unleash your potential with the top-rated Hong Kong portrait photographer​

Jason, an award-winning portrait photographer in Hong Kong, finds it essential to provide the best portrait photos  for you to help you create your best “First Impression” in front of people who may not have known you yet. For example, your potential future employer, customers and business partners. 

Available options are listed below and you can always ask Jason for advice which style suits you:

Fine-art photography is an ideal choice for those who want to turn all their image ideas into reality. This is especially demanded by KOL, Celebrities, Clubhouses and Private Clubs as the style of Artistic Portrait can bring out the sophistication and shine the FANS like! Your portraits will draw the eyes by bringing out your artistic preferences and vision. We will help you express emotions or deliver special messages with your photos. Be sure that your unique vision will enthuse everyone who sees a pic of you taken by us.

Professional portrait photography session is especially demanded by Private and Public Companies for their annual report, Linked-In profile, management team photo, website and social media. For example, our clients include Top Private Real Estate Group Grosvenor for their Asia Management Team, providing Professional studio portrait  in their corporation, giving advises on lighting, bringing and setting up all the lighting requirements so that everyone don’t need to travel to a studio and can enjoy the photo shoot on site in the office. The outcome is your beautiful, unique and authentic "First Impression" to your colleagues and customers. Finally, the real you in the professional portrait with personal branding. 

Want to show your personal image along with the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong?. In Hong Kong, portrait photography will definitely turn heads as much as other international cities like Paris or Tokyo. This is because Hong Kong has a variety of style of outdoor locations to choose from: City Like, Architectural Style, Nature and Garden, or Harbor View. This is the reason a lot of KOL or customers building their social media (e.g. Facebook/ IG) engage us to do personal outdoor portrait shooting, to build their personal brand showing their lifestyle and travelling through various scenes in Hong Kong. Come, get yours if you want to build yours!

Jason Pang Gallery: Your individuality is in safe hands

Award Winning Photographer Jason has a lot of testimonials given by real clients in the "Testimonials" section in this website, in his well followed Facebook, Instagram @JasonPangGallery, LinkedIn @Jason Pang and Interviews by Publications. 

If you are already wishing to have your unique breathtaking pics, please reach out to us now at +852 6622 9518, call/ whatsapp, or reach us via Direct Messaging via Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. You need to reach NOW because you don’t want to wait too long to find out that we are already booked for your important day/ week!


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Proud of your Master Image



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