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Wedding & Pre-wedding 

Q: Can I choose a pre-wedding or wedding photographer based on their website photos?


A: Using a photographer's website to understand their personality and photography style should only be used as a preliminary reference. It is important for the couple to personally speak with the photographer to determine if they are a good fit. They should also request to see examples of the photographer's wedding photos outside of their website.


Q: How do I evaluate a photographer's work?


A: The simplest answer is to trust your own eyes and personal preference. Aesthetics are subjective, and couples should pay attention to the photographer's previous work and style, as well as their photography sensibilities. The essence of wedding photography is to capture life's most precious moments from a beautiful and moving perspective. The biggest difference between photographers is their unique perspectives and angle on the world and weddings. Even if many people are taking photos at the same event, their photos can still be different.


Q: Is the photographer's communication ability good?


A: Our photographers have years of experience in wedding photography and have worked with hundreds of couples on their big day. Effective communication is a key part of their daily work. They are attentive and strive to make the photography process as enjoyable as possible. We have been awarded the "100% Real Customer Reviews" Wedding Photography Industry Award for three consecutive years from 2020 to 2022, which acknowledges our ability to provide great service.


Q: Should I choose an all-in-one wedding photography service? Do you offer this service?


A: An all-in-one wedding photography service usually includes photography, photo shoots, makeup, styling, and hair design, among other things, with a focus on affordability. However, most of these services outsource their work, which may result in lower quality. Jason Pang Gallery does not offer all-in-one services, but we have our own 3 teams of photographers and videographers who do not outsource their work. We focus on the quality of the photos and videos and guarantee our work. Although our services are more specialised, we still have enough options to meet your needs, and you can trust us to deliver high-quality work.


Q: How do we make a reservation with you?


Step 1) Decide how many photographers and sound engineers you need

(1 photographer and 1 sound engineer or 2 photographers and 2 sound engineers)

If you have two photographers and two sound engineers, you can have a second angle of SNAP works, discovering moments that you may have missed on your big day, and reminiscing about every detail from different perspectives.


Step 2) Contact us


Step 3) Make a deposit

Due to the large number of customers, we operate on a first-come, first-served basis. After making a deposit, we will provide you with preparation suggestions for your wedding day, such as venue lighting and shooting schedule.


Q: What time will the photographer arrive for the shoot?


A: The shooting time is determined by the couple. However, if the time is earlier than 8:30 am or later than 10:30 pm, early or late fees ($500 per staff member) and additional taxi fees will apply.


Q: Will the makeup process be captured on camera?


A: Normally, the makeup process is not captured during the shoot and will be added in afterwards, which usually takes around 5 minutes and will not waste any shooting time.


Q: Do we need to prepare food for the crew during the shoot?


A: If the shooting time is during lunch, the couple can prepare $100 per staff member for the team to go out for a meal and return within a specified time. For dinner, the crew meal can be prepared at the wedding venue.


Q: How many photos are guaranteed?


A: We do not limit the number of photos, but there is still a certain guarantee. A full-day wedding photography session usually produces at least 1000 photos, while a half-day session produces at least 600 photos, and a single banquet produces at least 400 photos.


Q: What is the process for delivering the photos?


A: The delivery date for all photos depends on the busy season. For the period from January to August, which is the low season, the photos are usually delivered within 3 months; for the period from September to December, which is the peak season, the photos are usually delivered within 4 months. After the photos are completed, due to their high resolution and large file size, we will upload them to a password-protected online album, such as Dropbox, and notify the couple to download them.


Q: Why can't we cancel the reservation and get a refund after signing the contract?


A: The purpose of the deposit is to protect both parties. The deposit ensures that the couple will have photography services on their wedding day and that the photographer will not lose any income due to personal reasons of the couple, even if someone else offers a higher price. Of course, if the cancellation is due to natural force majeure reasons, we will help you reschedule for free.


Q: Can we decide on the location for the wedding photoshoot?


A: Based on our past experience, we have selected some places with high cost-effectiveness and different styles and prepared a list for couples to choose from. If customers have individual ideas, they can also discuss with us and evaluate the feasibility of the location because some places have higher shooting risks, fewer shooting spots, and higher costs, leading to lower cost-effectiveness. If the location needs to be changed at the last minute, it will waste shooting time and may not meet the couple's requirements. Therefore, please consult with us in advance to provide more professional advice for better results.


Q: What backup plans, and measures are in place if the weather is bad on the day of the wedding photoshoot?


A: If we know in advance that it will rain on the day of the shoot, we will reschedule for free. We believe that wedding photos are precious memories, and the couple would not want to have any regrets due to weather conditions. If it only rains during the shooting, we can either wait for the rain to stop and continue shooting when the sky clears or go to a place without rain to shoot, or even change the location. However, if it is just cloudy, we will use our excellent lighting techniques to "create sunshine" and continue shooting. This kind of situation happens frequently, and the photo effects are still as good as on a sunny day, so there is no need to worry.


Q: How early should we book?


A: Usually, one month in advance, but booking a few days earlier may not be impossible, but it is very likely that the date has already been booked by other customers.

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