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Covid Wedding Tips  & Updates!

📸"🙌Covid19 - Wedding HK Tips - Don't Worry! Be Marry! We will take care of you

📸"🙌Below is Jason's sharing on Wedding Tips during this period 疫情婚禮的相關建議❤️🙌

     The award-winning photographer Jason has always had useful information on the website and social media. He is very experienced and gives valuable advice on the situation of the Covid-19 Virus. Because Jason can solve the problems for his customers such as Brides and Grooms, they rarely cancel their Wedding but find ways to hold it possibility, or reschedule.


Having gone through a long plan and eliminated all difficulties, some Brids and Grooms wonder: how can the Big-day be held as usual under the epidemic, and how can the guests be relieved of their doubts?


In addition to the prerequisites and precautions for "Wedding Epidemic Prevention", Jason also gives some advises:

• If you have a loved one in overseas such as China or USA, Europe, you may wish to use your mobile phone to broadcast live, and Jason can also lend them the stands. Couples can borrow more phones and can live broadcast wedding scenes shooting from multiple angles

• Ask all staff, including photography and video teams, makeup artists, drivers, lawyers, etc. to wear masks

• Brides and Groom's "Groomsmen / Sisters" should not be too many of them, reducing the number of games and duration

• Reduce the need to invite relatives and friends from high-risk areas. If necessary, you must know whether they has passed the 14-day safety period.

• Relatives, friends, brothers and sisters should wear masks when talking, and try to close their mouths when taking pictures, without talking.

• The microphone used for the speech should be covered with a new sponge, or keep a certain distance.

With these measures, couples can consider to have their Wedding Day held respectively.

Extracted from Jason Interview < 9 Tips for Wedding During Virus Period>

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