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Bring Tears to Your Family's Eyes

" Thank you, we had a great time today. Your family portraits are very nice! My parents are very touched!

And thank you for your patience with our kids! "

"These memories are priceless. I am glad that we have done this photo session with you!"


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Lo Family Portrait

I remember the day we shot a family photo session for this client.

That day was special to her as it was her birthday!  

We shot a session for the whole family of hers, with cute children and grandchildren.

The session included both outdoor and indoor scenes.

We also made a leather photo album showcasing all the photos we took that day. 


When she received it, she was wreathed in smiles…

Then we also created a bonus video, and all the family members were very happy...

It’s the best thing for me to bring happiness to others :D!

So grateful.


Group Portrait Session 


一That’s when we shot photo sessions for 5 families in one afternoon. 
一The photo series included Outdoor, Indoor, Studio, Sports, Family, Personal Portrait, and Group Family Photo elements!
Every family photo was brimming with joy, harmony, and love!

I was so satisfied with the result, especially when accepting praise from the client.


Family Photography Styles


Artistic Studio Portrait


On that day, we shot a baby family photo session.

Our client is a professional architect whose brilliant works could be seen everywhere in the world, and who had a very high standard for himself, for example on lighting.

It was a moment of pride when he told me after the shooting was over that he had just come back to Hong Kong from the UK for one year and found our works. He went online to look for a photographer and saw how high standard we are. He said that our style was a perfect fit for him.  

The fun part of the day is - shooting his baby of course! After a round of a talent show to coax the baby into posing for photos, we finally finished that session!! 😄




Home Sweet Home






Simple Nature

簡約   大自然



Historic Architecture

歷史    建築



Family Photographer Hong Kong

1. What are high quality family photos?
I have discovered that: high quality family photos is not only for beauty.

A high quality family photo shoot itself, can improve the relationship of the family members to another level. 

Making the relationship between the family members closer, and getting to know each other deeper.

2. What is special about my family photography session?


My biggest uniqueness is: I am not shooting like a standard studio,

I am shooting the family member's facial expressions that comes from the close feelings from the heart.

I am not shooting like only looking at which part of your face looks better on camera, but your emotion within.

And I am also, shooting the relationship between the family members.