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Award-winning HK photographer videographer team
STAR Quality Art Pieces

- Top 3 Recognized Photography Videography Branding Team in Hong Kong. 
- #No.1! "Honor of Distinction Brand Award"! Out of 200 Companies for Wedding Photos Videos!
By HK's Largest Testimonial Platform


Our Top Photography Services Include

For Corporate

Advertising Event Photography, Videography & Branding Google SEO+

By Quality Photos, Videos & Branding+, You can:
- Discover Your Moments!


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Jason Pang Gallery Industry Recognition:
Award-winning HK photographer-videographer team 


- Expert Columnist on 'ESD Life' in Photography Videography Branding. 
- Featured by: Cosmopolitan Magazine, Yahoo News, Broadcast Radio, Australia Radio, Girl City etc.​

-  Award Winning in AsiaWPA International Competitions, Photography Art Festivals etc. 
- Highly Demanded by PR, Well Known Brands, Celebrities, KOLs, Professionals and Brides & Grooms!

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“Jason’s team is the kind of photographer videographer team that made my Wedding Big Day less stressful and enjoyable. He has solid photography skills and nice personality that made us feel very comfortable.

Groom Jay and Bride Iris, (Happily Married Couple)

Photography Videography For


Discover Your Moment©

PreWedding & Wedding Packages
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For Personal Branding - Master Portrait for Individual and Team

Portrait Photography Packages
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Regardless of your objective, occasion, or budget, chances are we have a imaging solution suitable for you.

Get in touch to schedule an initial consultation talk session. No fee. No pretense. Just years of successful shoots leveraged toward your wishes and your joy.

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With over 150 bookings in Weddings & Portraits Branding Projects a year, 
we know the secret...

"It is not which side of your face looks good, it is about how you feel inside your heart." 
"Your STORY. This is what we create together with You." - Jason



About Us

Our team is composed of

Award Photography, Videography, Brand Marketing Advisors

& Tech Experts

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Want to know our Packages  & Rate Card? 

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Ask Package, Solutions & Availability 

Award Winning Photographer Videographer Branding Team

Jason Pang Gallery

Professional photographer in Hong Kong: Welcome to the world of beauty

Are you preparing for an important event in your personal or professional life? Are you overflowing with emotions? Excellent! Keep these emotions for your photo or video shooting, and call Jason Pang Gallery to get it arranged by a professional photographer in Hong Kong.

We know what excitement is and how to turn it into beautiful, memorable photos and films. That is why Jason Pang Gallery is chosen by stars, brands, world-famous companies like Hennessy VSOP, popular magazines like Cosmopolitan, KOL speakers like Brian Cha, and people preparing for all sorts of events. 
And we are grateful to all of them for their choice!

HK photographer with a big heart behind the camera 

They say our work is technically excellent and touching, bringing warmth and joy. But what truly sets Jason Pang Gallery apart from other Hong Kong photographers and Hong Kong videographers is our affection for capturing moments and our talent for telling stories through images and videos. 

Our several teams are passionate about spreading love through our work and is known to go the extra mile to get the perfect shot. Whether we are shooting a wedding or pre-wedding, a big social event, or a commercial, Jason Pang and our crew believe every photo or video should be filled with fondness and positivity. And we know how to do that.

Professional photographer? No, a recognized master!

The founder, Jason Pang, has years of experience in photography, portraiture, and other forms of this art under his belt, and his work is highly sought-after by many. Having won awards across the country and been awarded the Honor of Distinction as The Best Wedding photographer and videographer brand on the Bespoke Wedding platform, 100% rated by real customers, Jason Pang Gallery has quickly become one of the top-rated videographers and photographers in Hong Kong.
With the magnetism of the team’s personality, charisma, fantastic sense of humor, and unsurpassed professionalism, Jason Pang himself is a frequenter of various events as a public speaker. He is a spokesperson for the Innoplay photography brand and a well-known photography lecturer. He trained the team to focus on quality work and great service just like himself.

Jason Pang Gallery has cultivated many professional secrets. One of them is his knowledge of the play of lighting and shadow of photography and videography. Even if your event takes place on a cloudy day, you can be sure that your photos and videos are of top-notch quality. 

Hong Kong videographer & photographer for the most rewatchable albums in your life

Are you going to have a wedding, birthday, business summit, or a casual day out with friends? If yes, Jason Pang Gallery is always on the lookout for those special moments. We have a flair for capturing natural expressions and make it integral to all our top photography and videography services. We do our best to make your album and large print a piece of ART to be thrilled and delighted with the result.

If you’re looking for best photographer service or best videographer service for capturing your wedding day or other significant or minor events with beauty, heart, and emotion, you’ll never be disappointed with our crew!

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Asia WPA Awarded Photographer & accredited Photographer 


Honor of Distinction Award in Wedding Photography Videography
#1 by Largest Testimonial Platform


Jason Pang Gallery is featured & recommended by:

Metro Radio Hong Kong

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Bride & Breakfast

ESD Life

Bride Union

Bespoke Wedding

Happy HongKonger

Luxury Hotels & Resorts

Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club

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