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Our Top Services Include


For 1) Individuals:

Prewedding Wedding, Portrait,

Family Photography & Videography

Wedding Photography in HK of happy couple on a beach
Portrait Photography in Hong Kong of a smiling woman on a chair in black and white
Studio Family Photography in Hong Kong of a family of five!

For 2) Corporate:

Advertising Event Photography, Videography

& Branding Google SEO+

Advertising Event Photography in Hong Kong of Coffee Lam
Photo Video
Branding Photo of a Hot Brand with SEO + and Google Ranking on Page One


By Top Photos, Videos & Branding+, You can:

- Discover Your Moments! 

- Attract Clients with Your Brand!

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Get award-winning HK photographer videographer team to create

Your STAR Quality Image!

- Top 3 Recognized Photography Videography Branding Team in Hong Kong.


- #No.1! "Honor of Distinction Brand Award"! Out of of 200 Companies for Wedding Photos Videos!  

- Expert Columnist on 'ESD Life' in Photography Videography Branding. 

- Featured by: Cosmopolitan Magazine, Yahoo News, Broadcast Radio, Australia Radio, Girl City etc.​

-  Award Winning in AsiaWPA International Competitions, Photography Art Festivals etc. 

- Highly Demanded by PR, Well Known Brands, Celebrities, KOLs, Professionals and Brides & Grooms!

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Smiling Lady a satisfied customer of portrait photography videography
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“Jason’s team is the kind of photographer videographer team that made my Wedding Big Day less stressful and enjoyable. He has solid photography skills and nice personality that made us feel very comfortable.


Groom Jay and Bride Iris, (Happily Married Couple)

Photography Videography For





Discover Your Moment©



1) PreWedding & Wedding Packages

From HK$ 4,888 only!

 Artistic Quality Prewedding & Wedding Photography Videography! Ask us for Availability!

2) For Personal Branding - Master Portrait for Individual and Team


2) Portrait Photography Packages

From HK$ 2,588 only!

 Artistic Quality Portrait PhotographyAsk us for Availability!


Family Photography Videography Packages


From HK$ 4,588 only!


Artistic Quality Family PhotographyAsk us for Availability!

Jason and the photography videography equipments

Regardless of your objective, occasion, or budget, chances are we have a imaging solution suitable for you.

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- Excited about Your Important Day?

- Wanting to Attract Clients with Your Brand?

With over 100 bookings in Weddings & Portraits Branding Projects a year, 

we know the secret...

"It is not which side of your face looks good, it is about how you feel inside your heart." 

"Your STORY. This is what we create together with You." - Jason


About Us

Our team is composed of

Award Photography, Videography, Brand Marketing Advisors

& Tech Experts

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Award Winning Photographer Videographer Branding Team

Jason Pang Gallery

Jason Pang Gallery, award-winning photography videography branding team in Hong Kong, provides master quality advertising, event, pre-wedding, wedding, portrait and family photography videography services with passion and with heart! 

“Just remember…in a moment the cake gets eaten, the flowers will die and the party would end, but the photos will last forever” - Anonymous 

“Not only capture the moment, but discover your moment.” - Jason 

“Spread Love via Photography.” - Jason 

Schedule a photo session with the No. 1 award-winning Hong Kong Pre wedding wedding photographer Jason Pang Gallery! Contact us for your custom made wedding photos videos in HK – pre-wedding, wedding, advertising, event, portrait, and family photos videos for your story.


    Jason Pang Gallery welcomes those who are looking for top-rated, distinguished HK photographers and videographers. The team, led by Jason, is without equal at capturing public figures and turning photos into a piece of art and Style. Jason has the ability to shoot KOL and celebrities but also ordinary people, showing your personalities via images with sophistication. 

    This is the reason why Jason Pang Gallery is sought after by corporations like Hennessy VSOP, HK Golf Academy, private foundations, Beauty and Health Brands for advertising and event photography videography. Also, by KOL celebrities like Brian Cha, number 1 public speaker and coach in HK, whose books covers photos are shot by Jason. 

    For Pre-wedding and Wedding photography videography especially, Jason Pang Gallery ranks number 1 on Bespoke Wedding Platform, the real testimonial wedding platform where testimonials of brides and grooms are verified by the third party platform before being published.

    With years of experience, Jason himself is one of the top photographers in Hong Kong. He is often invited as a public speaker, photography course lecturer, and he is also the spokesperson of photography brand device company “Innoplay”. He has the kind of care, energy, positive attitude, and sense of humor that clients like to have around for the important moments.

    As a photography lecturer himself, Jason has solid skills in lighting, among others. Therefore, even if the sunlight is not enough on the day you need photography videography, you can leave your worries behind as Jason’s team got you covered.

    Jason also keeps improving his creativity. He can master your new art piece the way you haven’t seen before. For example, he once turned a painting, by an artist, into the artist’s real pre-wedding photo! The artist finds it so amazing! If you are interested, you may find more from our client’s testimonials. Jason's team of passionate professional photographer videographer have the solid experiences needed to create the work of art and style!

High Quality choice of wedding photographer and videographer team in HK. No. 1 Ranking on Real Testimonials Site 

Is your big day around the corner? 

Have a look at what our clients say:

    “Jason’s team is the kind of photographer videographer team that made my Wedding Big Day less stressful and enjoyable. He has solid photography skills and nice personality that made us feel very comfortable. I still remember before our Wedding Day, we had a meeting session where Jason patiently shared with us lots of tips and how the flow of the day would unfold. We feel that he is very experienced. Then, on my Wedding Day, we can see that his team works together effortlessly as if they are on “auto” mode! This made my Wedding Day very smooth. I feel so happy because we can concentrate on enjoying the Wedding and not worry about the photography and videography part too much! And at the end, the outcome is amazing! Therefore, overall we are very satisfied!” - Groom Jay and Bride Iris - Jason’s clients.


    On Style, Jason Pang Gallery’s wedding photography and videography are romantic and stylish, yet authentic, full of emotions and love. Before the shooting, Jason takes the time to understand the couple’s love story, relationship with other half, family and friends and what needs to be taken care of. Those uniqueness and emotions are then reflected in your wedding photos and videos. Therefore, Jason is more than a photographer behind the camera, but also your storyteller! Their photos and videos tell your pre-wedding and wedding story from various moments and angles, like an art piece. 

    This is why pre-wedding and wedding photography in Hong Kong is not the only service Jason Pang Gallery provide -  Jason’s team is sought after by KOL celebrities for advertising portrait photography and sought after by corporations for commercial advertising event photography videography. Some clients flew all the way from UK, US, Canada, Australia, China, and Japan to HK for the trip to find Jason for photography videography shooting.


Here is a full list of events you can book with Jason Pang Gallery:

As one of the most sought-after photographers and videographer teams in Hong Kong, Jason Pang Gallery constantly gets invited to shoot various advertising campaigns for celebrities, artists, and speakers. Jason’s clients are luxury brands, listed companies, schools, and large-scale events of over 8000 people in the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre! Jason’s team has the drive and unique ability to capture the good atmosphere of the events, which attracts top brands and companies of Hong Kong and all over the world that organize events in Hong Kong to book their service. You can also find Jason team’s work on TV, MTR subway stations posters, Bus’s posters and on YouTube.​

Having your portrait taken by a professional photographer is an incredible experience! The portrait photoshoot would be an excellent opportunity to see yourself the way others do, and there is nothing better for building up your self-image with confidence, because Jason is well known for his ability to bring out your beauty and uniqueness!

In short, he can turn you into a KOL during your shooting, whether you choose the style of professional portrait, artistic portrait, or outdoor portrait. You can be like the celebrities and famous world-class speakers that turn to Jason for portrait photography sessions! Customer comments are that “Jason can turn me (from ordinary) to extraordinary!” If you don’t know which style of photo shoot to choose, just speak to Jason, and he would recommend which one suits your personality and vision!

A pre-wedding shoot will help you build a closer relationship with your other half, loosen up, and get comfortable in front of the camera. It is an excellent chance to leave behind memories around HK or discover new spots for dating that you haven’t even noticed before! Through the pre-wedding photoshoot with Jason’s team, Jason would help you to discover your unique moments. A lot of Jason’s clients also report that the experience is surprisingly fun and enjoyable!

Time flies by so fast. Especially if you have kids. In the blink of an eye, they will grow up and fly out of the nest to create their own families. So why not capture as many happy family moments as you can every year? A family photography session is also an excellent gift to leave tears in your loved ones’ eyes. As the well-known HK photographers and videographers for families, Jason’s team can help you create those memories that last forever. For example, Jason’s team has done signature projects from 3 to over 50 family members - including 4 generations of grandparents, parents, kids, and grand kids! How priceless is that photoshoot!

    If you are interested in hiring Jason and his team for your event, don’t wait too long to find out that he is already booked on your important date! Please Contact His Team Now, online at info@jasonpanggallery.com, call, whatsapp +852 9788 5164 to reach Jason on the phone. You can also find and message his team on his well-followed Facebook page @jasonpanggallery or Instagram page @jasonpanggallery.


Contact us via whatsapp button or the message us now button! 



Asia WPA Awarded Photographer & accredited Registered Photographer 



BNI accredited Registered Photographer


Jason Pang Gallery is featured & recommended by:

Metro Radio Hong Kong

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Bride & Breakfast

ESD Life

Bride Union

Bespoke Wedding

Luxury Hotels & Resorts

Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club


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