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Pre-wedding and wedding photography videography
Sweet love memories in stunning pictures

  What makes excellent engagement, pre-wedding or wedding pics? Here’s a hint from Jason Pang Gallery: a perfect prewedding album is the one that make you feel personal and feels like you - every time you see them.

  We love you being a bride or groom's genuine emotions, so we as wedding and pre-wedding photographers and videographers won’t let yours be standard like everyone else. Your prewedding photos and wedding photos videos will be unique like you!
  We are Jason Pang Gallery, pre-wedding and wedding photos and videos are our passion. With over 130 Prewedding and wedding photos videos booking even during Covid, we are known for quality and being trustworthy.


  That’s why we are committed to taking stunning pre-wedding and wedding photos videos with love that tell your romantic story, during your the moments of celebration for years to treasure ahead.
  We shoot many chinese traditional wedding photos, natural styles prewedding photos, stylish glamorous styled weddings photos, romantic fairy tale like and story telling tailor made prewedding photos.

  No matter what style or locations resonates with you two, our Jason Pang Gallery crews will show you the plan after we have our first discussion, as we want to know what you want.

  We’re experienced in shooting in many hotels, clubhouse, and outdoor prewedding and wedding in Hong Kong. So whether you want your prewedding, wedding at some deluxe hotel or a outdoor wedding, we’re ready for you. Most importantly is contact us to ask for our avaiability for your important date!

Pre Wedding Album


Jason Pang Gallery Pre-wedding and wedding photography videography – Focus on Quality, Your Experience

Pre-wedding sessions are the best way to tell your intimate story before you tie the knot. With several media publishing our prewedding photography shoot like Bespoke Wedding, Bride and Breakfast HK, and ESD Life, each couple’s pre-wedding photoshoot show their “How we met” story. Some are elegant, intense styled photos, some are naturally styled prewedding photos, and some are dramatic stylish ones – for the emotions and your personality that you like.

To discover and capture these emotions, we tailor our pre-wedding photography packages to your shooting preferences. Here’s what this means:

  • You can pick any location (or multiple spots) for your pre-wedding shoot or let us advise you on the best one for your couple.

  • You can choose how many Jason Pang Gallery photographers and videographers you want for your session.

  • We set up lighting and you enjoy the process for your pre-wedding photos. Our brides and grooms say it is just like a holiday!

  • We make sure you feel comfortable, look beautiful and natural on camera, as we already chat before and know what you like.

  • The best way to know where to shoot for your prewedding is to book a time to chat with us! 

  • Do message us to ask for our availability before you find out that we are full! Thanks


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     Our Values & Awards  - HOW can we to do it for you? 
   Not Quantity. but Quality! 🏆#Because we have 3 Values!

1: Get to know your style 
We are well known for Custom Made Photoshoot! Not Standard "Factory"Style...  
Because we know you are unique, and your wedding story are unique.
2: Maintain a High Standard in our Choice of Team 
All our Team members including Photographers, Videographers, Assistants are carefully selected after interview and working with us.

3: From the Beginning to the Finish Product, We Took Care by Our Standard
Therefore with High Quality, we are Ranked No.1 with lots of Testimonials!

Bespoke Platform Jason Pang Gallery Honor of Distington Wedding Photography Videography Nu

🏆Jason Pang Gallery is Awarded 

<Honor of Distinction> 

Pre Wedding, Wedding Photography Videography

Brand in Hong Kong by Real Brides and Grooms! 😭


- #No.1 on Real Bride & Groom Testimonials Platform, Bespoke Wedding

- Top 3 Wedding Photography Videography Brand in Hong Kong

- Featured by Top Media Platforms e.g. Cosmopolitan Magazine, Bride & Breakfast, Bride Union, Bespoke Wedding, Metro Broadcast Radio Station, Luxury Hotels etc.
- Award Winning in International Competitions, AsiaWPA, Photography Art Festivals. Demanded by Celebrities, High end Brands and Brides & Grooms!


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Wedding Big Day Album


Couple Wedding Stories
Watch Their Stories - from Brides and Grooms: 

Wedding Day Photography Videography Story


When shooting a wedding, I feel myself as a photographer but at the same time a storyteller who is telling your love story. 💐💕

It's our greatest satisfaction to record the love stories of brides and grooms most elegantly and romantically! 💓

I feel so blessed this time to witness your big day by shooting the pre-wedding and wedding for you!

Over these years, we have shot everything from your dating story to pre-wedding photography, and now we are lucky enough to be your wedding photographer videographer!

Fion & Cat, your wedding is full of love, but when it's time for fun, you both look pretty playful too! Awesome! 🎉😍


Sonia & Daisuke , Yuki & Natrual, Maggie & Arthur... 

Wedding Day Photography Story

We are grateful for being your photographer and so happy that you have booked us from overseas!💓

Thank you for booking us as your wedding photographer on Facebook and Instagram.💓

When you two get along, there is an intimate feeling and understanding. What a lovely couple!We’re happy that you both have enjoyed the pre wedding shooting!


Kim & Lui, Jay & Iris, Win & Geoffrey

Wedding Day Party!

Photography & Videography Story

Thank you for referring Jason Pang Gallery to other brides and grooms for shooting their pre wedding and wedding party! 🤵👰

I remember that this couple had a simple request when we first met💌. They said their primary wish is to feel the joy of their wedding day when they will rewatch the videos in 10, 20, 30 years. They did not want to look too pretentious. That is why we did not use the lights and flashes as it might spoil the atmosphere😉. The primary thing is to be touching and loving for their wedding photos and videos❤!!

They emphasized they do not want a traditional wedding photography shooting but make the wedding more casual, like a party.💃🕺🎉🎈🍾

Ben: “I'm delighted with the results. Every time I get back to these photos, I burst into tears of joy...I feel as if I came back to that night😉”


I think the bride and groom showed up well that night, as the atmosphere was pleasant, touching, and full of love!! So happy that we are discovering and documenting these moments.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together and love in your marriage that grows!!💓


Pre Wedding Day Photography Videography

Artist's Story!

Samantha & Ben

Pre Wedding Photography 


Wedding Day

Photography & Videography

Samantha: "I’m a painter,

I sent my pictures to Jason before our photo shooting so that he had a chance to imagine the scene well!!! ​​

We were lucky to have Jason’s team for our pre-wedding and wedding photography and videography.

We rewatch our wedding video again and again! That was the style we desired! 🎉💕


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Pre Wedding & Wedding Photography Videography Packages!

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Client Testimonials
On  Real Brides & Grooms Wedding Platforms

No. 1 out of 291 Wedding  & Pre Wedding Companies on Bespoke Wedding Platform

Photography Videography by Jason Pang Gallery

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 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  5 Stars Rating    By  akumajay7901   

Selected Service Review / Wedding Photography, from Bespoke Wedding

We had been searching for wedding photography services online and looking through dozens of different works, but none of them appeared suitable to us neither by style nor by price.



We found Jason Pang Gallery online and left our contacts. In a short time, Jason gave us a call. We had a conversation and came up with a decision that he is an experienced professional photographer. The offered price also suited us. Thus, we decided to hire his team 😉. When we just started our preparation with Jasons' team, we have already seen their professionalism and nice attitude😌. We arranged a meeting with Jason before my Big Day to discuss some shooting moments and other essential details. He provided me with dozens of recommendations and tips like to keep smiling while shooting, go to bed earlier prior to the celebration day, and stay in good condition💪🏽.

On my Big Day, Jason's team was highly initiative and did everything at their best. When they arrived, they had a good understanding of how to put the cameras, which angles worked better, and how to adjust everything. Since we arranged a photo session in my home's garden, they thought through all the details and tailor-made the shooting to meet our needs in our garden! On top of that, Jason has great leadership and managing qualities. He directed us on how to pose and relax during the shooting process😆. Jason's team's well-coordinated work helped me feel less worried as there are many other things to manage and estimate on a marriage day. This is the best part that I like!


That is why we were delighted with the photos and videos we received! 😍😍 I am glad that we have chosen them and we are right about what we think about them - that Jason’s team have solid photo shooting skills of different styles, angles and light. The whole composition was beautiful, as well. And one more thing I'd like to point out is that they're responsive and always willing to communicate. Whether it is before the Big Day or after the wedding photo shoot, they are ready to listen and provide valuable recommendations. They edited a few photos of my wedding celebration day on the same day in order for us to publish them on social media platforms and perhaps for their use. They behaved quite polite by asking us whether they can publish these photos. They are very good overall! 👏🏻

What is more, I suppose they are greatly experienced in what they do and have a good network as they are already partnering with different related industries and offer us a wide range of services, referring other vendors to us such as connecting us with a wedding MC and a floristic company that made a bridal bouquet for me. To sum up, I can say that we are satisfied with everything!


Agent Spreading Love 

Jason Pang Gallery






香港婚紗攝影 |客戶好評推薦|Jason Pang Gallery 

What are The Wedding Photography Videography Packages?

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The touch of magic in every single wedding photo of yours​

  A wedding ceremony is the beginning of two hearts united in a marriage.Bride and Groom, would you want this day to remain imprinted in your memory forever? 

  Yes, moments that you can view again in 10, 20 and 30 years to come, for you and your kids! As the Top Hong Kong wedding photography videography crew, achieving several times Top Position in Real Local Testimonial Wedding Platform in the category of wedding photography Hong Kong, Jason’s team will make sure you and your loved ones’ hearts will be filled with all your lovely memories and emotions over and over again when you take a glance at your set of your wedding photography and wedding photography memories. :)

  When it comes to wedding photos in Hong Kong, we will be glad to share tips for you as you plan towards your wedding day! We have shot different style of wedding photos, from the happiness and atmosphere of outdoor garden wedding, to churches, clubs or indoor 5 star hotels, wedding photos of locals or foreigners, we have done it before. Are you worried about the choice of venue? The decorations or backdrops? Jason’s professional experience will save you time and effort in providing advice to the right location for you! We give you tips before your wedding especially in from the perspective of wedding photos and videos and on that day, expertly capture every moment that you want to remember, at your  wedding day: guest meeting, vow-making, exchange of rings, and many more…... Whether your ceremony is more of the pageantry or time-honored traditions, the team at Jason Pang Gallery has the necessary skill set to reflect that in your wedding photography and wedding photography memories.

  As such, we take pride in being 5-star rated as wedding photographers in Hong Kong by our real customers, given by real people! Their testimonials serve as irrefutable proof of Jason Pang Gallery Team’s expertise in turning the ordinary shot into the magical one. We realize there’s no room for blunders on your wedding day, so we do our part with absolute commitment and deliver perfect results! As we always say to our customer: Our goal is to treat your wedding as our wedding! Having married ourselves already, we know how important that is! 

It all starts with our pre-wedding photography packages​

   Is the date already set, and the theme is chosen? It is the style of your wedding and ceremony that matters most. What makes us your go-to wedding photography team is that we know how to cater to it so that your pics stand out. We guarantee that every shot will tell your own love story coupled with your emotions, your romantic moments, with authenticy. The only thing you will do is contact us for advice –and  we will help you prepare and shoot your dream wedding day!!

Want to know our Packages  & Rate Card?

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Jason Pang Gallery is featured and recommended by 

Metro Radio Hong Kong

Australian Radio Station

Bride & Breakfast

ESD Life

Bride Union

Bespoke Wedding

Luxury Hotels & Resorts

Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club

Wedding day photography videography for candid big day memories

We are here for your important Wedding Day because we love shooting wedding photos and videos! From church weddings, hotel weddings, clubhouse weddings, to outdoor weddings, to beach weddings, to weddings on private yachts, we have done it! Capturing as you walk down the aisle, as you exchange your vows, as you great your friends and thank your family. You will be surprised to know that most brides and grooms discover new moments when looking back to the wedding photos and videos that we capture, to discover moments of themselves and their family that they haven’t noticed during that day, so we have captured for you! 

With Jason Pang Gallery, your wedding photos videos will look beautiful, candid and with love!

Our wedding photography packages include half day and full day packages that will suit your style. Remember to contact us to ask for our availability now, don’t wait too long to find out that we are fully booked!

Recognized photography and videography Team obtaining “Honor of Distinction Award” from real Brides and Grooms Platform 

Jason Pang Gallery has been honored to be part of many pre-weddings and weddings in Hong Kong, enabling us to:

  • receive the “Honor of Distinction Big Day Photography Award”

  • be recognized as the #1 photography videography for weddings voted by real brides and grooms!

  • have the highest testimonials-backed Bespoke rating as the top wedding photographer in Hong Kong

  • get over 130 photography and videography bookings in 2020

Remember to contact us to ask for our availability now, don’t wait too long to find out that we are fully booked!

Meet Award Winning Photographer
Jason Pang

Jason and team provides customized pre-wedding, wedding, family, commercial, portrait photography and video service, mission is to spread love via servicing.
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Award Winning Photographer

​多謝大家!Thank you for your support!


Wedding day photography HK
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