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Common Photography Videography  Q&A

Common Questions and Answers: 

Q: "How to find a good photographer for a pre wedding and wedding photography videography shoot?”

Jason Answer:
1) “I recommend paying special attention to the photographer's style, his/her portfolio, and photographic sense. Does his/her works meet your expectations?”


2) “Does the wedding photographer have good communication skills?

For instance, "What does his/her previous clients say about their experience? Are they happy with their        shooting? Was the photographer team attentive to them? "


3)“Does a wedding photographer manage his/her own crew of photographers and videographers? Or you will need to search for the second crew and hire separate photographers and videographers which will be troublesome to manage?”


It’s crucial to check whether the future photographer is an independent artist or actually has his team! Ask if he/she has adequate manpower, equipment, experience and availability to fulfill your demand.

The answer for all 3 above-mentioned questions for Jason Pang Gallery is YES.🎥📸💖 You can check out the numerous testimonials on our website and social media. We have our own team of trained photographers and videographers with Grade A camera and lighting equipments to discover your best moments.

















***What OUR Customers Say*** 

"Thank you Jason for your valuable recommendations and good memories we have from our wedding!"

"The styles, camera angles, lighting, and compositions of the photos are all gorgeous!"

"I'd sent my paintings to him and he had managed to imagine the scene I had in my mind well and turn it into a real photo!"

“I feel beautiful in my pre wedding photos, we are blending smoothly with the outdoor scenery background, looking natural and attractive. This is the work I wanted.” - Janice

"Jason’s team is good at creating the atmosphere. All our guests got into the spirit of celebration. That day the vibe was cheerful. He even showed us how to pose in our pre wedding photos videos!"

“We are lucky to have Jason’s team as our pre-wedding and wedding photographers and videographers. We're watching our wedding video again and again! He and his team fully met our expectations!”






When you're looking for a photographer to hire for your wedding ceremony, make sure to meet with him/her before you come up with a decision!
It is pretty hard to realize whether it is your right photographer or not by only seeing the portfolios and visiting wedding expos without talking to him/her!Therefore, we meet with every couple beforehand to make sure our photos will meet their expectations to their fullest.

Some brides and grooms meet with us for a coffee, some meet with us via zoom, some chat with us on the phone. This is the best way for us to give value and for the bride and groom to know us well and ask us questions to better plan for the pre wedding and wedding shooting.

Q: “Could you please explain how one can book your services?”


Make sure to tell us your preferred number of photographers (P) and videographers (V) you’d like to hire

For instance: 1P1V, 2P1V (most popular), or 2P2V (als popular)

Having 2P and 2V on your wedding ceremony, you will be able to discover the other angles from their SNAP works of photos and videos - therefore you would not only have the main angle but also the 2nd and 3rd angle (which is the different angle from the 2P or 2V since the 1P or 1V mainly focus on the bride and groom only)

Therefore having your 2P and 2V can ensure the expressions and moments of other guests, your family, your friend, and the environment, and other little moments to be discovered and captured for you to watch again after your important day! You will normally find some new moments that you haven not noticed at first. It will help you to recall your wedding day from different perspectives.


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Reserve your date by DepositOur reservation is based on a first-come-first-served principle! Normally, for popular seasons (Sept to Jan) and on weekends we are very fully booked as most brides and grooms choose those dates!

For Pre Wedding photo shoot, it is more flexible as you can choose a weekday and we recommend to shoot on a weekday when it is less crowded!

We also provide recommendations on how to get ready for your Big Day, including lighting, venues, your rundown timetable and shooting arrangement..

So you don’t need to worry about anything! Be HAPPY and ENJOY your Wedding!!! Book us soon to get your advise and your team secured first! 😊😉

Not only ‘Capture The Moment’, but 'Discover Your Moment' 


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Don't wait too long to find out that we are already booked on your important date! 


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