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  • Jason Pang and Angie Ho

Mini Movie Premiere for J3 Education Group's Grand Opening!

There is a saying: “Something Magical happens in Meeting with a Group of Like-Minded People”.

We are so honored to be invited by J3 Education Group, made up of child loving principal, teachers and parents, to be their photography and mini movie production partner for their center's Grand Opening at Causeway Bay!

After listening to their real life cases and stories and inspired by their belief of "The Journey of Lifelong Learning"...

We custom made a mini movie for them.

This mini movie's story is based on real life difficulties and experiences from those families, children and also stories from Kip McGrath, their private teaching centers, that inspired the founding of J3.

Before we continue, lets enjoy the mini movie first!

A lot of efforts and love are poured into the mini movie, and support from various families, kids and teachers! During the production there was a lot of laughter and FUN :D

The Principal, Teachers, Families and Kids that played the scenes :D :

conference photographer

The Ladies that played the Mum Group's scenes :D :

conference guests

To hear what happened behind the scenes?

Below is a speech given by Jason on behalf of Jason Pang Gallery's team to J3 on the Grand Opening! Thank you for inviting us to share the behind the scenes stories and FUN!

We have captured the Facebook Live Video and are happy to share with you the below, enjoy!

Summery and Thank you from J3 Group (some of the photos by us) : D :

J3 Group

So many wouderful memories!

Here, we would like to wish all the best to all like minded teachers and families, let us all continue to grow and support each other, to inspire and educate more individuals and groups to reach their potential!

Thank you all for your support : )

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