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<Double Happiness - Exclusive Photography + Happy Anniversary! >

A New Deal Signed!

Also...Happy Anniversary!

(From Wife and Partner...)

<New Exclusive Package - Private Yacht, Private Island, Private Beach Photography Package coming soon>


Jason - you often joked that I worked in the Bank - just to meet you

Indeed that was when we met, and not long after... we were engaged...

<Old Photos: Already enjoying shooting back then...>

In the beginning we were just like any couple.

You worked hard on your Banking job, I in was in the consulting, advisory world...

I honestly thought our life would be like that for the next many years...

Everybody does that, right?!

Then one day

you start telling me you want to have your own business.

You want to leave the corporate world because you want to do something you enjoy

To make it a a bigger mission - to bring more colors and joy to this world by photos and videos, instead of running on that treadmill everyday!

<Old Photos: Jason enjoying teaching outdoor photography class workshop>

<Old Photos: Jason As a Photography Lecturer in a Diploma Course>

When you told me what you want...

I FEEL Thunderstorms !!!

I know you have to change

Although I have no crystal ball to know what’s going to happen... to this big change of direction in life -

I know in my heart that supporting you is the right thing to do

(like in the Disney movie ... The SOUL! To "Find the Spark in life!" )

<Pre Wedding Photos by Jason Pang Gallery... couple running together towards the same direction...>

So I said YES!

Let’s do this!

How wonderful is it for us to work together - right from the beginning - when you start the entrepreneurial journey!

<Photo in recent years - Jason and I during an interview talking about how we started our first business - Jason Pang Gallery>

So be it!


Fast forward a few years later...

On this beautiful yacht today

Enjoying the Hong Kong Harbor...

We are signing the new contract for a new exclusive deal for Jason Pang Gallery to be released soon!

<Happy moment: Signing the new exclusive deal with a Yacht Company 1/2>

<Happy moment: Signing the new exclusive deal with a Yacht Company 2/2>

Because we cannot travel now, we think about new ideas and destinations for our customers to experience a new shooting experience!

Travelling by the Private Yacht to a Private Island with Photography and Party arrangements etc... sounds like a overseas holiday!

(And a very unique Staycation / Engagement / Prewedding / Wedding experience that's different from the existing packages already on the market!)

Today I feel so Proud of you!

It’s my huge joy to see you GROW, building a team of good ppl!

And when things get harder (like Covid...)

You still never give up!

Thanks for this journey, as husband and wife, and also business partners, doing things that we love everyday! Helping more people everyday!

And I know this is only the beginning...

<Recent Photo- Receiving the 'Honor of Distinction Award', number one in Wedding Photography Videography, from Bespoke Wedding Platform - The largest real testimonial verified platform in Hong Kong and Macau>

So - Happy Anniversary again!

(From -Happy wife, happy life?) P.S who can tell which photo we took is from Which year? )

Best Wishes to all the couples out there!







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