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Photography to Grow Your Business: No More Stock Photos for Entrepreneurs! 2/2

No More Stock Photography with Jason Pang Gallery’s Angie Ho Pang

Interview by Josh Elledge of Up My Influence

Getting Past the “I” Syndrome

Continued after 1/.2 ...

As much as no one likes people who come off as boastful, everyone enjoys people they can connect to!

Angie suggests clients to work around this by highlighting success stories or telling fun and interesting stories through these visuals. It's even more interesting if you feature a customer – unplanned.

For example, Jason Pang Gallery can feature a client they shot on a specific day.

Jason Pang Gallery - Angie - Featured by Up My Influence!
Example of Jason Pang Gallery featured by Up My Influence!

There's more credibility with this strategy if the customer is an academy or school founder. They usually have events where they need plenty of photos. That's the perfect place to promote or share your brand. The key is to take off the limits of your creativity. Once you do that and promote something of meaningful virtue, you possibly can't be repelling clients as you'll be engaging them with this positive post instead.

Brand and Portrait Photography
Example of Jason Pang Gallery Feature our Client! Brand and Portrait Photography

Thriving Photo Entrepreneurship – The Jason Pang Gallery

The Jason Pang Gallery has interesting beginnings. Founders Jason and Angie have a minimal history as photographers. With a combined experience in the finance industry exceeding 35 years, both should have looked like fish out of water in the photography business. They thrived instead.

Obtaining Photography Awards from different platforms and now Ranking as the Top3 Photography Videography Brands in Hong Kong.

Award Winning Photography Videography Jason Pang Gallery
Jason Pang Gallery Obtain Number ONE in Real Testimonial Platform Bespoke Wedding

Their motivation began with following their passion for photography and videography by doing it full-time. Then, Angie and Jason felt like doing it on their own terms.

Now they are invited for charitable causes and serving via photography and videography. That's one of the fulfilling part of the business for Angie and Jason.

They are often interviewed and featured by Media for Photography Videography Advise to the public. Such as Photography Videography Advise during Covid19.

Jason Pang Gallery Recommendations for Wedding Photography during Covid19
Jason Pang Gallery Recommendations on Covid Wedding is Featured by Media

Perhaps the best work for the Jason Pang Gallery is working with entrepreneurs and business owners. For Corporate Clients, they’re always willing to offer sound advice concerning the visual part of their work, plus how to get their website rank high on Google as customers are increasingly searching online to buy and to verity the company's Brand nowadays!

Being in Hong Kong enables the team to work with businesses from Australia, Europe, the US, and several other places around the world and utilizing technology to advise their clients.

"These businesses are happy to see how custom photos can take them where stock photos struggle to, and attract clients organically from Google and Social Media. Every brand needs supportive photography for a better business model."

Angie Ho points out that while the gallery still does traditional photography, their true passion is to help Biz, Entrepreneurs to use the Power of Photos, Videos and Branding to attract their audience and turn them into clients, in more effective ways like Google Search SEO where buyers are already searching for what they need!

Jason Pang Gallery Branding and Event Photos
Example of Branding and Event Photography for Clients!

Photography for Business

If businesses would do away with stock photos, it’s essential to ascertain who the audience is. Then, conversations around company values and goals can proceed. Those are the elements that need to shine through photography videography and Branding!

On a website, the products page or sales page should feature photography that evokes the actions visitors should take!

A lof of business owners said they got huge value out of working with the team because they talk about Business Strategies and Branding Visuals which 99% of only business consultants or photographers don't talk about.

The Jason Pang Gallery Facebook page features some of these in action.

Their website also has visual fun stories with positive messages that any entrepreneur will enjoy.

professional photo studio
Contact us for Brand Visuals Advise and Rank your Website on Page 1 of Google Search! Google SEO+

So, Entrepreneurs! Would you like to know what photos and videos in particular can lead to more clients for your business?

To know how can you rank Your Website on Google Search Organically via Google SEO, the way to get quality customers for your business?

Click the Button to contact us via Messenger or Whatsapp and we are happy to have a chat with you about your business!

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Full Interview at Josh's Up My Influence Website. Thank you for Interviewing Jason Pang Gallery!



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