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<Jason Pang Gallery x TASCHEN Photography Workshop> Encore!

There's a saying that 'Like Minded People attracts Like Minded'...

With our love for ART and PHOTOGRAPHY, we are so happy to be invited by TASCHEN, one of the world's top bookstore in Artistic and Lifestyle Books Publisher and Book Store, to be their first Photographer to hold a Photography Workshop in their first store in ASIA, which is inside the famous historical site Tai Kwun in Hong Kong! 😍👏🎉

photo workshop

We believe that Photography and ART is a universal language that can be understood by different cultures. We showcase different works by different photographers in the workshop, introducing to students how to 'see' as a photographer/ artist....

photography workshop

And So... with the first photography workshop so well received and was applauded, we received more enquiries asking for an additional one! So we decide to do a Encore!

Our biggest enjoyment is seeing the participants improving their photography skills, and hearing feedback and testimonials such as below:

Classmate 1: "I feel very different after taking your Photography Workshop! My approach to photography is totally different now! Thank you Jason teacher!!"

同學 1 :“上完堂唔同晒,影相再不一樣!衷心感謝Jason老師!! “

Classmate 2:" In-depth content, but bought out by simple method. I have really enjoyed! This has let me know more about photography. I look forward to the workshop again next time!"

同學 2 :” 深入淺出,精簡易明。真係好enjoy! 令我對攝影有更深既認識。期待下一次再開班! ”

Classmate 3: "I feel so happy, open my eyes!"

同學 3 :“ 好開心,大開眼界!”

Classmate 4 : "unexpectedly excellent teaching!!! Thank you Jason!!!💯"

Also "I have always relied on the feeling and sense of beauty to take photos, but I really want to learn the basic photography skill. Today, taking the opportunity to attend Jason's photography workshop, I feel this is so practical, and very inspiring for me, so much fun! I feel so fortunate to have a chance of Learning and Getting Close-up Guidance from the Photography Master! Every student has become different after they stepped out from the workshop: with improved photography skills ~"

“ 從來影相只憑感覺和美感取景的我,真的要學一學基本技巧。 今日把握機會上Jason老師的攝影工作坊,好實用、好inspire到我、好好玩! 好好好幸運,有機會跟大師學習,近距離的指導,每一位同學仔都變得不一樣的離開: 進步了的攝影技巧~“

Thank you TASCHEN, and to all of you, for your SUPPORT!

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