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Wedding Big Day 婚禮攝影 <“分兩日” VS “延期”?> PART 2

z上次我地同大家分享了Wedding Big Day 婚禮攝影·“分兩日” VS “延期”既好處同壞處...

今次分享我們的 4個 婚禮攝影錄影 心得...

What to consider for your Wedding Big Day?

If you are considering to have a ceremony first, and the banquet later? Or...

Here we will share 4 practical tips for your Wedding Photography Videography planning!

例如:如果Wedding Big Day真的要改期,點樣做會較大機會成功呢?

1.建議新人提供最少3-4個新日子給攝影錄影團隊選擇, 會比較容易成功夾到 (雖然對我們都會唔方便,但如果可能我們會儘量就)

First of all, if you would really consider to reschedule your wedding big day, please kindly contact us with your few proposed dates, before you confirm the booking of venues etc. Because most top photographers like us will be very full, esp. on certain popular dates, months like Sept to Jan, and weekends!

2.盡量避開大旺日, 平日會更好呢!而且拍攝二人世界時較少人,會得比較輕鬆

Therefore, it is wiser not to schedule your wedding big day on the most popular days like public holidays in the year!

3.千萬不要定好新日子後才要找我們, 然後發覺我們在你的新日子已經被其他人訂滿左!

Don't be surprised to find out that we are already full if you contact us too late!


Other things to consider is: Besides asking Jason for the wedding photography videography tips, you can also ask us for tips around venue or make up, as we have shot over 100+ wedding prewedding and portrait shootings even in 2020~ we have a lot of experience and good cases to share!

So that you can have the best arrangement for your Wedding Big Day!


從香港Prewedding。。。 到家中婚禮Big-day攝影!

-如因疫情而決定婚禮延期要做咩呢 ?? Message 聯絡我們問啦 !

Contact us for your special day asap!


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